Jurrungu Ngan-ga to premiere at Sydney Festival

In 2022 our indomitable new performance Jurrungu Ngan-ga meaning ‘straight talk’ will hit the stage at Carriageworks in its world premiere as part of Sydney Festival.

Our mesmerising multimedia production has been in development since 2019, crafted in person and online as our creative team grappled with the challenges of COVID. Earlier this year Jurrungu Ngan-ga was shared with community in a preview season in Broome before waves of travel restrictions shifted touring plans.

After the many hurdles the pandemic has thrown our way, we’re grateful to share our powerful and provocative work in its world premiere on Gadigal Land from 27 to 29 January 2022. 

Jurrungu Ngan-ga ‘talks straight’ about Australia’s obsession with incarceration so that we may imagine a future that values empathy, cultural knowledge and resilience born of experience to ask who really is in prison and who is free?

— Dalisa Pigram, Co-Artistic Director, Marrugeku & Choreographer, Jurrungu Ngan-ga

Jurrungu Ngan-ga brings attention to Australia’s creation of dehumanizing spaces without due process of law and the necessary social support and respect. The show reveals how this unique dialogue between Indigenous, settler and refugee perspectives can address the burning issues of our times, investigating that which Australia wishes to isolate and lock away from view. 

— Rachael Swain, Co-Artistic Director, Marrugeku & Director, Jurrungu Ngan-ga

Across three nights and one matinee, Jurrungu Ngan-ga will dismantle the fear of cultural difference on local and global scales as movement, spoken word, installation and soundscape combines against a large-scale installation designed by leading West Australian visual artist Abdul-Rahman Abdullah.

Book now to experience the world premiere of our latest work, crafted by an incredible team drawing on their distinct cultural and community-informed experiences. Jurrungu Ngan-ga is a mesmerising contemporary performance not to be missed.

Image: Bhenji Ra, Emmanuel James Brown, Miranda Wheen, Zachary Lopez, Chandler Connell, Feras Shaheen, Issa el Assaad, Luke Currie-Richardson & Ses Bero in Jurrungu Ngan-ga community preview in Broome, Marrugeku, 2021. Photograph by Abby Murray.