Our Donors

Marrugeku gratefully acknowledges donors who have supported our work. We appreciate the partnership we have with you and the loyal patrons who support us every step of the way. The wide-ranging tides of the Kimberley region that provide enrichment to the environment, are our donor levels that similarly reflect the nourishment and support to Marrugeku, its people and programs.

Anne Healey Martin Dickson
Caroline de Mori Terri-ann White
Janet Sutherland


Andrew Mostyn Philippa Schapper
Catherine Cameron Sally & Antony Jeffrey
Dan Rosen Stephen Gow & Chris Tann
Elizabeth Butcher The Berry Fa
Matthew & Leone Lorrimer


Anonymous Julia & Ross Steele
Barbara Reed Nicholas Douglas-Morris
Bruce Terry Nick Morris
Claire Grose Theron Schmidt
Gail Pemberton


Antony Jeffrey Linley Hindmarsh
Diana Jansen Sue & Antony Jeffrey
Eraine Grotte Siobhan Lenihan
Helen Gilbert


Christopher Smith Kate Richardson
Clare Lorrimer Lyndall Foldvary & Murray Khouri
Delia French Michelle Dunn
Diana Jansen Nancia Guivarra
Diane Bryant Niels Erik Lund
Dr Nithya Nagarajan Patrick Lorrimer
Elizabeth Butcher Peter Howard
Gillian Appleton Philip Levy
Janine Freeman Polly Wheen
John Sullivan Siobhan Lenihan
Judy Mylonas Steven Miller