Le Dernier Appel—first stage rehearsals in Nouméa

November 2017

Marrugeku launched its ambitious new co-production with Centre Culturel Tjibaou with a three week residency in Nouméa in November this year. The exciting line up of Australian and New Caledonian dancers came together for initial rehearsals and to research concepts and choreographic directions for the work. The production explores ways colonisation has shaped us. We understand that to undo the past is impossible. Decolonisation is both necessary and a false goal. As older ways of life disintegrate, situations become increasingly urgent yet progress is painfully slow. Le Dernier Appel asks how these concerns can disturb and regenerate dance in the Asia Pacific region, embracing reconfigurations of power and the transmission of old and new knowledges.

Le Dernier Appel is an intercultural and trans-Indigenous production, with dancers of First Nations, immigrant and settler descent from Australia and New Caledonia. It is directed and co-choreographed by Marrugeku’s associate artist Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Burkina Faso/Belgium) and co-choreographed with Marrugeku’s Dalisa Pigram, with dramaturgy by Rachael Swain. Le Dernier Appel is designed by New Caledonian installation artist Nicolas Molé, and music is by Ngaiire, Nick Wales and Bree Van Reyk.

Le Dernier Appel will premiere at Carriageworks (15–18 August 2018), followed by shows at the Centre Tjibaou, Nouméa (6-9 September 2018).

Click here for more information, and a short video of the work in development…