Watch Marrugeku Online: Jurrungu Ngan-ga (Straight Talk)

As society hunkers down in self isolation we continue to dig into our digital archive to share video content of our development and presentations.
Over the past year we’ve been busy developing Jurrungu Ngan-ga (Straight Talk), our latest performance investigating the disproportionate incarceration of Indigenous Australians and firsthand descriptions of life inside Manus Island detention centre. Exploring issues that hold Australia back from reconciliation, Jurrungu Ngan-ga blends searing truth with humorous reality as it reaches deep into the Australian psyche to have a frank conversation. Get a little glimpse of the development process through this video here, shot during our last creative development at Carriageworks in December 2019.

Left to right: Bhenji Ra, Luke Currie-Richardson, Feras Shaheen and Miranda Wheen in Jurrungu Ngan-ga, 2019. Image: Prudence Upton.